The NILS® No Interest Loan Scheme  aims to provide low-income earners with access to credit to pay for certain essential items and services, without the burden of interest charges.


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  Who is eligible for NILS No Interest Loans?   

To be eligble for a NILS® No Interest Loan you must:
-  provide evidence of low income, eg a current Health Care Card or Centrelink benefit
-  be able to provide proof of residence such as lease or rent receipt
-  show a willingness and capacity to repay the loan

  What can NILS Loans be used for?  

NILS loans may be used to purchase certain essential household items and services including:
-  white goods such as fridges and washing machines, essential electrical goods and furniture
-  dental, eye-glasses and medical equipment
-  car repairs and driving lessons (up to 15 lessons from a professional driving school)
-  education related costs such as computers, sporting equipment and musical instruments
-  repairs and maintenance
-  and a range of other one-off or unexpected expenses

  NILS Loans cannot be used for...  

NILS loans are not available for:
-  bond and rent money or rent arrears
-  general living expenses such as food
-  gas, electricity or telephone bills
-  cash advances
-  debt repayment and consolidation

  How much can I borrow, and what will the repayments be? 

Generally, loans will not exceed $1,500, and are more likely to be around $800. The maximum loan
for driving lessons is $1050. The loan amount also depends on the level of repayments you are able
to make. The term of the loan is usually 12-18 months, and repayments are generally in the range of
$20 to $40 per fortnight and can be deducted from your Centrelink benefit.

  How do I apply for a NILS Loan? 

Contact us (details below) to request a NILS Loan Information Pack. We will then arrange for an interview which will be a friendly chat to discuss your needs and sight paperwork - this may take up to 1.5 hours.  

Applications for loans will be assessed on a case by case basis by a Loans Assessment Panel. For successful applicants, a cheque will be made out to the provider of the goods or services to be purchased. Providers should be reputable and have a current ABN. Personal cheques will not be issued.

For more information on NILS Loans, please contact us or you can view and download the PDF here >



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