The NILS® No Interest Loan Scheme  aims to provide low-income earners with access to credit to pay for certain essential items and services, without the burden of interest charges.

  Who is eligible for NILS No Interest Loans?   

To be eligble for a NILS® No Interest Loan you must:
-  provide evidence of low income, eg a current Health Care Card or Centrelink benefit
-  lived within the Blue Mountains and be able to provide proof of residence such as lease or rent receipt
-  show a willingness and capacity to repay the loan

  What can NILS Loans be used for?  

NILS loans may be used to purchase certain essential household items and services including:
-  white goods such as fridges and washing machines, essential electrical goods and furniture
-  dental, eye-glasses and medical equipment
-  car repairs and driving lessons (up to 15 lessons from a professional driving school)
-  education related costs such as computers, sporting equipment and musical instruments
-  repairs and maintenance
-  and a range of other one-off or unexpected expenses

  NILS Loans cannot be used for...  

NILS loans are not available for:
-  bond and rent money or rent arrears
-  general living expenses such as food
-  gas, electricity or telephone bills
-  cash advances
-  debt repayment and consolidation

  How much can I borrow, and what will the repayments be? 

Generally, loans will not exceed $1,500, and are more likely to be around $800. The maximum loan
for driving lessons is $1050. The loan amount also depends on the level of repayments you are able
to make. The term of the loan is usually 12-18 months, and repayments are generally in the range of
$20 to $40 per fortnight and can be deducted from your Centrelink benefit.

  How do I apply for a NILS Loan? 

Contact us (details below) to request a NILS Loan Information Pack. We will then arrange for an interview which will be a friendly chat to discuss your needs and sight paperwork - this may take up to 1.5 hours.  

Applications for loans will be assessed on a case by case basis by a Loans Assessment Panel. For successful applicants, a cheque will be made out to the provider of the goods or services to be purchased. Providers should be reputable and have a current ABN. Personal cheques will not be issued.

For more information on NILS Loans, please contact us or you can view and download the PDF here >



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