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 Celebrating the creativity of people with a lived experience of mental illness. 


The Blue Fringe Arts & Literature Festival has become a significant fixture on the Blue Mountains community events calendar over the last 28 years.  Held in October each year to coincide with Mental Health Month, Blue Fringe celebrates and acknowledges the creativity of people with a lived experience of mental illness. 

Through its life, Blue Fringe has showcased the talents of thousands of poets, artists, photographers and story tellers. For many, it is the first time they have shared their work publicly and for some the experience is life changing.

“Blue Fringe is an opportunity to be heard, to be seen. It opens up conversations. It brings mental illness out of the darkness and into the light.”

Virtual Exhibition & Awards Events will be held in October as part of Mental Health Month in the Blue Mountains


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Blue Fringe Art & Literature General Entry is open to people aged 18 & over with a lived experience of mental illness. 

The Blue Fringe Art & Literature Youth Entry is open to anyone of High School age in celebration of mental well-being and resilience. 

Please see below for more details on how to enter.  




* Each Artist may submit up to one artwork in each of the categories - Art, Sculpture, Textiles and Photography. Limit of 4 per artist. Please use a separate entry form for each artwork.

*  For each of the four Art categories, there will be an Adult and a Youth category. 

* Photography category is open to all forms of photography, more details will be available at the Blue Fringe Arts Facebook site.


* Artwork must be the original work of the entrant and not previously entered in Blue Fringe.

* Artwork must be less than 1m x 1m, and less than a total of 20kg for a sculpture.

* Artwork can be framed or unframed but must be ready to be photographed by Blue Fringe for display in the virtual exhibition. 

 Art Entries Close Monday 5th October 2020 

More details on dates and how to enter coming soon 




* Each Writer may submit up to one written piece in each of the two categories - Poems and Short Stories.   

*  For each of the two Literature categories, there will be an Adult and a Youth category. 

* Poems must be a maximum of 350 words.  Short Stories must be a maximum of 1000 words.  

* Written work must be the original work of the entrant and not previously entered in Blue Fringe.

* Written work must be submitted as a Word document or a PDF document via the Entry Form page on this website - link below.

* All entries will be printed in the Blue Fringe 2020 Art & Literature book which will be gifted to entrants and for sale at cost price. 

 Literature Entries Close Monday 5th October